Did Writer Mark Waid Destroy Himself With His Own Words?

Mark Waid has become infamous for his alleged fits of rage and frequently putting his foot in his mouth.  The critically acclaimed comics writer has been accused of exploding in rages that once even led to him taking a self-imposed leave from social media. Now that Mr. Waid has taken it upon himself to impose his will on ComicsGate and Richard ‘Ya Boi Zack’ Meyer, he has really gotten himself into trouble. After it was alleged that Mark Waid interfered in Richard Meyer’s publishing deal with Antarctic Press, Richard Meyer filed a lawsuit. Now the evidence is being discovered that appears to back-up Meyer’s claim.

Here are a few examples. This is Mark “The Witness” Waid giving a deposition for the lawsuit. Mr. Pierce is Mark Waid’s lawyer, and Mr. Byrne is Richard Meyer’s attorney.


More Information here from CourtListener.com 


On pages 19-28, text message screen shots are provided between Mark Waid and Joe Dunn (whom Mark mistakes for his brother Ben Dunn throughout the entire exchange), the publisher of Antarctic Press. They.Don’t.Look.Good.For.Mark.At.All.

Oh the cringe….

Wow. In my video below, I discuss how Mark Waid not only failed to defend himself, but has probably destroyed himself in the process of his entire quarrel with ComicsGate.


Mark Waid Destroyed Himself With His Own Words

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