Did the Russo Bros Forget Their Roots? MCU Films Emblematic of Trump Era

There’s nothing quite like those whose origins are middle and working class, yet quickly forget those roots so as to remain in the good graces of the martini party and latte set.


In a recent interview with The Guardian, Anthony and Joseph Russo, who’ve put out four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, said their flicks were “very much about what went on in this country over the past four years.” 


They were about standing up for what you believe in, irrespective of the cost, and I think we’re losing sight of that. For some reason, in the UK and in the US, some of the worst people were being attracted to politics and were representing us collectively. It was affecting our collective mental health, and it was reflecting poorly on our character. We believed strongly that the reach in those movies was so significant that they could be influential in helping people make potentially make better decisions. We thought that they were a really powerful tool, at exactly the right time.


Isn’t that special?


“in the US, some of the worst people were being attracted to politics and were representing us collectively”


Okay. They didn’t mention Donald Trump by name, but notice how the Russo’s believe they speak for everyone: our collective mental health, the worst people were representing us … In fact, only hardcore progressives suffered mental problems as a result of Trump’s election, and these problems only continued because of the fantasies proffered by the mainstream media. Russian collusion? Totally bogus. Migrant children in cages? Trump continued a policy began under Obama. Moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem resulting in a new mid-east war? Never happened, and Trump helped establish more peace agreements not seen since Jimmy Carter.


And so on, and so on.


Furthermore, who are the Russos referencing with their comment about those “standing up for what you believe in, irrespective of the cost”? Antifa? Black Lives Matter? It certainly would make sense given how the media and progressives in general made every excuse possible for the violence they caused in cities across America. But hey, “We had an ‘insurrection’ that was instigated by Trump!!”


Give me a f***ing break.


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Before the 2020 election, the brothers also said


“Not only is this current president allowing fascism to creep every aspect of the country, we have issues we have to deal with in terms of social media, and regulation, and the way that information, you know, false information is being passed.”


I’d bet good money that if pressed, they couldn’t name a single “fascist” thing President Trump actually did. Meanwhile, a barbed-wire fence remains around the US Capitol as do thousands of National Guard troops in Washington, DC. It was claimed such was necessary post-January 6 “insurrection,” but excuses keep popping for keeping both the fence and troops. Need it be asked how the left would have responded if President Trump had put up a fence and brought in troops … ?


And if the Russo’s really are concerned about false information, you’d think they might be miffed at how Big Tech picks and chooses what information is allowed to be seen and read. For example, how many times was the Charlottesville “fine people” hoax allowed on Twitter and Facebook without censorship or warning? Meanwhile, the latter recently added a “missing context” warning to articles about Dr. Seuss being “cancelled.”





The Russo boys grew up in middle class Cleveland, and Ohio is a blue-collar state if there ever was one. Trump won Ohio in 2020 by eight percent, by the way. Why is that? Have the Russo’s not seen the demographic shifts that occurred during the four years of Trump? Blue collar workers have shifted to the GOP. Trump got more minority votes across several demographic groups than any Republican presidential candidate in over 50 years.


Trump campaign depicts president as Thanos in Avengers-themed video - The  Washington Post


I get that Trump can be an egotistical blowhard. He lacks any sort of filter.


But if he’s an example of the “worst people were being attracted to politics,” who do we have to blame for that? Crappy personalities go into politics these days because the good ones don’t want their entire existence dissected down to the molecular level. Someone like Trump has the resources to combat that sort of stuff. But even this isn’t nearly enough to explain his political popularity. Mainstream pundits, largely left-leaning, will continue to claim stuff like Trump’s “baser instincts” gave “permission” to people like white supremacists to speak and act out. That’s garbage, of course. Trump’s wide appeal was precisely due to his lack of filter — people were willing to overlook the nastier aspects of that to concentrate on his overall message. And actions. Which the “traditional” GOP (and Democrats) have ignored for far too long.


Lastly, check it: The Russo’s said they had “an inferiority complex” coming of age in Cleveland. Oh, and they attended private schools, by the way. Which may help explain why they’ve turned their snobby backs on their former community so that they’ll continue to get the cocktail party invitations, remain in Hollywood’s good graces (such that it is) and perhaps most importantly, won’t get “cancelled” for actually daring to do some original thinking.


Dave Huber

A ComicsGater long before the term ever existed, Dave is a retired teacher who now concentrates his efforts on exposing the insanity of college political correctness.