Did Taika Waititi Just Take An Early Punch At Star Wars Fans?

SJWs love the smell of unkempt armpits.


Readers of this blog may recall Taika Waititi as the Thor director who once said that directing a Star Wars film would be career suicide. Readers may also recall, that I warned fans back in January to temper their excitement for his announced Star Wars project due to a statement he made with regards to Marvel:


“I’ll Ruin Your Mythos in a Minute, Baby”


According to Bounding Into Comics, Taika is coming out of the gate swinging. Apparently Taika responded to a tweet from the official Star Wars Twitter account on his Instagram account:


There’s two kinds of people in this world. Those who do things. And those who are “gonna” do things.


Like him or hate him, Rian Johnson didn’t warn fans what he was going to do. He just did it. What Taika is doing here is very reminiscent of Tim Miller who boldly and bravely declared that Terminator: Dark Fate would “Scare the fuck out of mysogynistic trolls.” And then no one went to go see it. This begged the question; if an activist hyperventilates, and no one is around to hear it, does it matter? We shall see.


Taika may want to make waves here. But the problem he’s having is that he’s sailing in Rian Johnson’s wake. There’s not much more surprise to be had from SJW “creators” who want to crap on Star Wars. It’s now fully expected. As is the trolling of the fans from Lucasfilm notables.


Apparently, insidethemagic.net has published a story claiming that Lucasfilm May Have Already Leaked Taika Waititi’s ‘Star Wars’ Storyline.


During the blink-and-you-miss-it announcement, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy noted:

“Star Wars’ theatrical slate is pushing forward into a new future era. Taika’s approach to Star Wars will be fresh, unexpected, and unique. His enormous talent and sense of humor will ensure audiences are in for an unforgettable ride.”

While Kennedy said this, a brand new Star Wars logo [featured above] — that looks a bit “stone age” instead of “space-age” — appeared on the screen behind her. The logo appears to be made from cracked rocks and almost has a The Flintstones vibe, indicating that we could be traveling way back in time for Waititi’s Star Wars movie installment.

Some Investor Day viewers have noticed:

..the blocky, stone-like typeface for Star Wars that bears an uncanny resemblance to the equally iconic logo of the 1959 religious epic, Ben-Hur. At the time the most expensive Hollywood movie with a budget of $15 million, Ben-Hur tells the story of Judah Ben-Hur, the Jewish prince and merchant in Jerusalem who becomes a slave and finds glory in chariot racing.

Aside from the many, easy-to-Google scholarship devoted to analyzing the religious themes in Star Wars, there is no direct parallel to the story of Ben-Hur in Star Wars.


It also has a decidedly animated appearance:



But fans should be wary of any leaks coming from this production, no matter where they come from.


Back in April of 2020, Taika trolled Marvel fans with a fake script according to Huffington Post:


Taika Waititi Trolls Marvel Fans With Leaked Script Revealing [Spoiler] Lives

On a Thursday Instagram Live viewing session for his movie “Thor: Ragnarok,” Waititi teased hilarious concept art for his upcoming movie, “Thor: Love and Thunder,” while a script (seemingly from the film) sat in the background. That script shows Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is alive.


Only one thing is for certain. Taika is not nearly as brilliant as the yes-men in Hollywood have convinced him he is.



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