Did Rian Johnson Rip Off ‘The Holdo Maneuver’?

By now many fans are familiar with the Holdo Maneuver.  The legacy media touted it as one of the brilliant moments in Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi.

Rian Johnson has explained how he purportedly came up with the idea for the maneuver.  But what if someone else came up with it?  Someone from the Return of the Jedi production in 1982?  Behold unused storyboards from Return of the Jedi:


Now, the storyboards do not specify if the Mon Calamarian cruiser goes into hyperspace or not.

But once again it appears as though every idea utilized in the Sequel Trilogy, is a rejected idea from the Original Trilogy.

Thanks to Laura Rian Stole my Fan Fiction Story and Philosophical Jeremy for the tips.


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