Did ‘No Time to Die’ Pull Back the Curtain on a ‘Cabal of Global Elite’?


For the average moviegoer, James Bond’s latest film ‘No Time to Die’ is an action-packed fitting finish to Daniel Craig’s tenure as 007. But to some astute observers, who believe the pandemic and the government’s response to it, with the rapid elimination of human rights and a growing global dictatorship, the film is another example of Hollywood showing us what evil elites are doing right in front of our eyes and laughing at us for not noticing the farce.


As Stephen Kokx writes for LifeSiteNews


No Time to Die is about a bad guy who creates a bioweapon that can attack people based on their genetic composition. People that become infected acquire nano-robots in their blood stream. They, in turn, become carriers of the virus, which they can spread to others they come in contact with.

Aside from being pretty much like every other Bond film, the plot of this one follows almost to a T what’s happening in our world with COVID-19 — even though the movie was developed before the virus was a thing.


As Kokx explains, thousands of people around the world seem to be experiencing severe adverse reactions to these viral elements, just as they did in the movie. Then being given “booster” shots, which some researchers say allow patients to spread the disease and raise their chances of dying from heart problems and a weakened immune system. All the while, there seems to be information leaking out that not all is as it seems.


Q-Dar Technology Scene - JAMES BOND 007: No Time To Die (2021)


Kokx believes the latest Bond film is merely preparing the populace for what we should come to expect:


Hollywood has been grooming the U.S. and global public for decades these sorts of movies, or should I say indoctrination films. Dystopian flicks like ContagionI Am LegendPerfect Senseand many, many others have similar virus-themed storylines that mirror the events going on today.

Marvel and other “superhero” movies are also a clever Hollywood tool used to get normal people to forget about the real, spiritually edifying heroes of history — missionaries, saints, martyrs — and to develop a cult-like following of leftist A-list celebrities.



Kokx may be on to something here, and even goes into further detail when it comes to listening to what the characters are saying:


There’s a rather telling scene about three quarters of the way through No Time to Die when Bond comes face to face with the bad guy. They have a brief but highly enlightening conversation about why he’s doing what he’s doing. Bond tries to convince him of his evil ways, but he responds by saying, and I’m paraphrasing here, that most people want to be told what to do and to let things happen to them, and that men like him are supposed to create their reality for them.


2015’s Spectre was actually another example predictive programming in Bond movies: exposing the masses to an “outlandish” concept so that when it really happens, the public’s sense of outrage is already dulled. The film basically showed how an occult elite was taking over the world and imposing a New World Order and our “hero” was effectively a controlled pawn with a microchip in his arm. And James Bond movies are far from the only example of Hollywood pushing this message. The same exact premise is found in Kingsman – another British spy movie that came out in 2015. In both movies, the “bad guys” are the global elite looking to control the world. Yet, in both movies, there are also clear signs that the British spies are strongly connected to them and that the only real losers are the masses, with little to no say about what is happening.



And to quote Blofeld “A terrible event can lead to something wonderful. Out of horror, beauty”. Remarkably similar to the occult elite motto: Ordo Ab Chao – Order out of chaos.


Kokx’s final word of advice? “Take Hollywood at its word. Prepare for what they keep telling us is going to happen as soon as you can.”



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