Did ‘Hux’ Actor Domhall Gleeson Just Slam ‘The Last Jedi’?

The Hollywood Reporter writes:


The 36-year-old star of The Kitchen would’ve gladly welcomed a new director to a galaxy far, far away, but in the end, Gleeson is quite pleased that the familiar and steady hand of Abrams is concluding the Skywalker sequel trilogy he started in 2015.

“He invented all of those characters. It’s important to take risks when you’re making films, and J.J. takes them in the right way,” Gleeson tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I thought that it was really smart and very, very fortuitous that they got him back.”

“If you’ve got lots of lines to remember and you’ve just been given an intense character note, then there’s enough going on already without adding in knock-knock jokes, but Adam can be hilarious on set,” says Gleeson. “He actually told one of my favorite jokes while we were on set one day. He’s a really funny guy. So, depending on the day, Adam is hilarious, but he’s always good.”


Was “knock-knock jokes” a reference to The Last Jedi’s cringe-worthy opening sequence?  Perhaps.  But even if Domhall wasn’t necessarily pleased with that sequence, he still has no beef with the director of it.


“I had enjoyed the experience with J.J. so much, but then really enjoyed the experience with Rian also. So I was game for whomever they threw at the turf, but when I heard it was J.J., it made total sense to me. “



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