Did Colin Trevorrow Leak His Own Star Wars Episode IX Script?


So it’s been a whirlwind of pointing fingers in the aftermath of Episode IX’s disappointing box office.


In September of 2019, we had a purported Lucasfilm employee post dirt on Reddit under the user name Han_Sh0tFirst, who talked about a rift that developed between JJ Abrams, and Lucasfilm, over the direction of The Force Awakens.  Then in October of 2019, we had WDW Pro, another purported insider, post comments on a discussion forum that suggested those within The Story Group did not like George Lucas’ Star Wars and sought to change it.  Since J.J. Abrams reportedly revered George Lucas’ Star Wars, this could have been the source of the potential rift.  WDW Pro also suggested that the Story Group had been dismantled.  Ki  Adi Moonshine from milleniumfalcon.com was also another purported insider, also suggested a rift between the Story Group and JJ Abrams.  Then in December things began to disintegrate publicly.


In December 2019, Story Group member Matt Miller liked a tweet that had attacked both John Boyega and J.J. Abrams.  Then Kathleen Kennedy suggested that Colin Trevorrow wasn’t involved in the creative process early enough.  Shortly thereafter, reports began to surface in the legacy media that resurrecting Emperor Palpatine in Episode IX was Kathleen Kennedy’s idea according to Episode IX screenwriter Chris Terrio.


Then in January 2020, another purported Lucasfilm insider, egoshoppe, posted details about production interference on Episode IX.  According to egoshoppe, JJ Abrams was not at all pleased with this purported production interference.  It was then that rumors of alternate cuts of Episode IX started to swirl around the internet.  Some suggested that there was an Iger cut, a Kennedy cut, and a JJ Abrams cut.  Then a curious tweet from Collider personality Steven Weintraub claimed that Kennedy and Michelle Rejwan were responsible for the version of Episode IX that made its way to theaters.  Weintraub would later delete that tweet.  Shortly thereafter, Matt Miller of the Story Group tweeted a comment that Episode IX was not all Disney’s fault, perhaps suggesting that it was Bad Robot’s fault.  At one point, screenwriter Chris Terrio even attempted to point his finger at George Lucas for Episode IX.


And now this.


Colin Trevorrow’s screenplay for Episode IX has leaked onto the internet, and some are claiming that it’s much better than the version that was produced.  This makes many wonder, if Colin himself or one of his supporters leaked the script in an effort to ensure that he was not blamed for the crappiness of Disney’s resulting Episode IX.  For myself, I don’t much care, because I don’t consider post-Lucas Star Wars to be canon, or indeed, to have any value whatsoever.  I’d much prefer to see George Lucas’ treatments for 7, 8, and 9 leaked.  My sentiments here, however, are not against Mr. Trevorrow in any way.


But for those who are interested, you can view unused concept art for Episode IX hereherehere, and here.


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