Did Benioff & Weiss Exit Disney Star Wars Over Micromanagement?

I recently wrote about the two distinct narratives surrounding the Benioff & Weiss departure.  One narrative says B & W were fired, the other narrative says that B & W left because of a “toxic fandom.”    


Vanity Fair is continuing the push the latter narrative:


Benioff and Weiss Reportedly Left Star Wars, at Least in Part, Due to “Toxic Fandom”

One source claims that after watching Star Wars fans bully actors and directors from the franchise—and then releasing a widely derided final season of Game of Thrones—the two wondered, Who wants to go through that again?


You can read the rest of that crapola here.


“My way, or the highway, my dude.” ~Kathleen Kennedy


Others claim that Kathleen Kennedy was miffed over their Netflix deal.  But now another narrative enters the race, which claims that Benioff & Weiss quit because of Kathleen Kennedy’s oversight. 

From Variety:


When Kennedy and her team pitched these filmmakers on joining the “Star Wars” family, sources say they were promised some measure of creative control. However, multiple insiders said new ideas were commonly shot down as Kennedy and her team were only looking for people to stick to the company line. If disagreements about the direction of the film became too intense it usually led to the person leaving the project rather than an attempt to find common ground.


Déjà vu?


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