Devil’s Due Doubles Down on Their Liberal Propaganda Comics

The UK Guardian says Devil’s Due Publishing is putting out more of their pro-Ocasio-Cortez propaganda, seemingly in defiance of DC’s request they not publish a cover they thought was too similar to Wonder Woman, and it’s even more galling than before:


After getting into hot water with DC Comics for an issue in which congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez looked a little too much like DC’s Wonder Woman, independent publisher Devil’s Due has hit back with a replacement cover – in which “AOC” looks remarkably like Supergirl.

[…] Now Devil’s Due has released a replacement cover that it is calling the Cease and DCist edition. This time, AOC is depicted in an outfit that references the DC character Supergirl, Senator Bernie Sanders resembles the Green Lantern, and congresswoman Ilhan Omar echoes Batman. “A parody of a parody! Yet still somehow less of a parody than Washington!” says the cover. “Don’t be MAD. This isn’t about any actual DC superheroes.”


No, but the political figures they’re using are still some of the most reprehensible around, and putting them in outfits meant to resemble famous comics characters is loathsome.


I don’t think Devil’s Due is doing themselves any favors for their reputation by sugarcoating and sensationalizing all these nutty leftist politicians. At worst, they’ve become an embarrassment to comicdom.




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Avi Green

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