Demonizing ComicsGate Failed to Boost Sales for DC’s Gay Green Lantern


Warner Todd Huston at Breitbart tells how DC’s forced retcon to Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott has tanked in its latest series incarnation:


Last month, comic book writer Tim Sheridan jumped to his social media to urge his fans to go out en masse and buy his re-boot of the Green Lantern story which features pages of gay sex between the title character and his boyfriend. But it looks like the scribe’s efforts fell on deaf ears as his Alan Scott, Green Lantern No. 1 has landed with a thud with few sales.

Writer Sheridan warned his followers that “haters and the queerphobes are out in force” ahead of the book’s October 24 debut and he urged them all to do him a “favor” and buy up copies of his gay-themed superhero series.

Naturally, Sheridan restricted comments on his X post. […]



But it seems as though Sheridan doesn’t have as many fans as he hoped because so far, issue no. 1 of Alan Scott, Green Lantern has thoroughly tanked, Bounding Into Comics reports.

It appears that few want to see the big gay Green Lantern reboot to date, the book did not appear in the top 50-selling books. Worse, it is ranked 25,763 in the Kindle Store and #170 for Superhero Comics & Graphic Novels. […]

The new book engages in a lot of anti-Americanism, too. Back in the day, the Green Lantern character was an important part of the Justice Society of America (JSA), a comic book staple of patriotic American super heroes fighting to defeat Hitler in WWII.

But in this new tale, the JSA turns out to be a shill effort spearheaded by FBI villain J. Edgar Hoover, and at first Alan Scott does not want to join the group because he feels it is just a jingoist propaganda operation for the U.S.A. Then Hoover tries to force Scott into a sexual encounter, and informs Scott that he has photos of a gay tryst featuring Scott, so he better join the JSA or risk being exposed to the world as a gay man.


Sheridan should be ashamed of himself, as should DC’s editor Marie Javins for perpetuating this atrocity that first began under her predecessor, Dan DiDio, in 2012. Speaking of which, BIC also recently reported that Larry Hama and Mark Waid, leftist as they are, were blacklisted by equally leftist DiDio in past years. Curious they don’t mention Chuck Dixon, however, because he too was ultimately blacklisted along with them. I guess when you’re a rightist, it doesn’t count, huh?


The current situation is definitely bad. But it’s also vital to recall where it all began, nearly a dozen years ago, and now modern ideologues like Mr. Sheridan have continued making everything worse, along with Ms. Javins. Thankfully, as of today, more audience are voting with their wallets and not wasting money on some of the worst woke changes to classic creations that’ve been foisted upon everyone since the turn of the century.


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