Delete Your Account: Writer Kurt Busiek Embarrasses Himself on Social Media, Again



Let’s see what our dear politically correct leftist friend in comicdom Busiek is saying lately. For example, here’s what he says in response to an article from the far-left UK Independent:



Sounds more like somebody doesn’t appreciate the notion everyone could go to get a medical check, which could help reduce the number of patients faster in the long run. And the UK Independant isn’t exactly a reliable source free of distortions. I guess no comment from Busiek on Nevada’s Democrat governor failing abide by special rules like wearing a medical mask at a restaurant in Las Vegas. Because only conservatives are a concern.

Busiek even posted this fishy comment:



I notice he doesn’t seem to distinguish between honest and corrupt police officials? How odd. But, clear enough he’s taking the side of those who would riot, not because they believe in justice, but because they’re exploiting a most tragic incident for more mayhem, which has led to at least a dozen more people being murdered during the ensuing riots. And what does Busiek think of the vandalism that’s been committed against statues of Abe Lincoln, after all he did to abolish slavery in his time? I guess Busiek must be really sorry he wrote any story even remotely starring Captain America, who’s a form of law enforcer himself, even in the Avengers.

Here’s some posts Busiek wrote that relate to the recent allegations against Cameron Stewart (who illustrated at least one project for Busiek, in Marvel’s 1000 special):



I have to wonder what’s the use of commenting on the topics when Kurt once gave his backing to allowing transgender men into women’s bathrooms. Or at least, if the men happened to be claiming they’re women/dressed as such, as though that alone would automatically validate entrance and invasion of privacy. When you support disturbing causes that can enable offenses at women’s expense, there’s little point to the current argument.

He even cited some items first posted by an alleged conservative who turned out to be quite a phony:



So he embraces the work of Bill Kristol, who shed his right-leaning guise to reveal himself as more an ally to the left a few years ago? Got it. Now I understand why the Weekly Standard folded less than two years after the 2016 election, as they unmasked to reveal that, despite some suggestions to the contrary, they were never true rightists to begin with. Kristol by now is a joke. And so too is Busiek, with the dreadful way he’s been going about with his leftist politics.

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Avi Green

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