Del Rey Creative Director Applauds Asexual Awareness in Star Wars

Elizabeth Schaefer is the creative director at Del Rey.  She’s the lady who gave Grand Admiral Thrawn the right to manspread.



Elizabeth has something to say about Delilah Dawson’s Black Spire novel, which serves as the back story to the Galaxy’s Edge theme park.  Readers may recall Delilah Dawson, as the author who writes about melanin content and body type, and about polyamorous menstruaters for Star Wars.  She also has a problem with men that hit on women who are younger than herself.


There hasn’t been any word as to whether or not Delilah intends to focus on any of the “war” aspects in Star Wars.  But there’s no question that her concentration on what characters do or don’t do with their genitalia cannot be ignored.



Because “asexual awareness” is exactly the kind of material we want in a kid’s franchise about “space wizards with laser swords.”  Right?


Discussing this character’s sexuality made Last Shot author Daniel Jose Older all weepy-eyed.  Readers may also remember Cavan Scott, who lectured that older fans should respect newer fans, when in fact, it should go the opposite way.



Let’s just hope Galaxy’s Edge doesn’t offer an “asexual workshop” for kids at some point.


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