Del Ray Creative Director Refers to Their Star Wars Books as “Gay and in Space”


SJWs are obsessed with two things; melanin and genitalia. They’re incapable of thinking about much of anything else, except perhaps communism.


So it should come as no surprise that Del Rey Creative Director, Elizabeth Schaefer, made the following announcement in regards to the upcoming book, From A Certain Point Of View Strikes Back:





The denizens in current day Lucasfilm will not be satisfied until they’ve transformed Star Wars into a porno parody.


But one might ask, why would they brazenly announce such a thing when bold and brave announcements about Lando Calrissian’s pansexuality from Jonathan Kasdan and Donald Glover accomplished less than nothing for Solo‘s box office? Particularly when the gay community only represents approximately 4.5% of the population?


Simple. This pandering is primarily intended to appeal to the straight SJWs who think of gay folks as their pets, because that’s a much larger audience.


Thanks to Insidious Palpatations for the tip.


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