Deadpool Co-Creator is Sad About Star Wars Episode IX

Rob Liefeld is not too happy with the recent Vanity Fair article, that gave us previews of Episode IX.  So he’s sounding the alarm to TLJ infatuated SJWs everywhere!



Calling all SJWs!    Calling all SJWs!

The annoyance of your idiot activism is requested!!


Just think, between the threat of a full retcon of The Last Jedi, and the additional threat of putting the kibosh on Reylo, Episode IX might be boycotted by the very SJWs that Disney and Lucasfilm has wooed with this crappy Sequel Trilogy.  I just hope if and when that happens, that everyone at Disney and Lucasfilm will enjoy it as much as I know I will.  It would almost make the existence of the Sequel Trilogy entirely worth it.


Thanks to Drunk 3PO for the tip.






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