DC’s Vixen is Gay, but Does Anyone Care? Criticism vs Harassment In Comics


DC comics has indicated that former Justice Leaguer ‘Vixen’ is now gay, but they sort of hedged their bets by confirming that it is not in the main continuity.


Does anyone really care? Changing sexual orientation seems to be a common marketing tactic from the comics industry today, and this regularly causes fans to react. And it’s the fan reaction to the constant altering of characters that has spurred many debates, but when is one’s personal take considered “harassment”? 


Criticism or Harassment – that is the Question!


It seems that social media is often a mess of both harassment and good old-fashioned criticism, and how do we draw the line from what is considered acceptable to what’s no longer okay?


I discuss this situation in today’s video. 



Vixen is Gay, Do We Care? Criticism Or Harassment In Comics?


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