DC’s Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Wonder Woman Looks Grisly

The world ends next month, and only one hero will survive to help humanity navigate what’s left. The four-issue Wonder Woman: Dead Earth is the first DC project by writer/artist Daniel Warren Johnson (ExtremityMurder Falcon), and it’s an ambitious arrival that sees Diana wake up in a post-apocalyptic world entirely unfamiliar to her. But there will be a familiar face or two waiting around the corner — with the weight of what remains of the world on her shoulders.

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #1 will be released Dec. 18 on DC’s Black Label imprint.



I realize this may be a divisive comment, but from my perspective this appears as though DC is continuing their long tradition of propping up creators who don’t get their legacy characters like Wonder Woman. How can this be the artwork of someone that is passionate about Diana? Maybe they do right by Superman or Batman, putting on creators who have longed to work on those characters, but this doesn’t look like the kind of passionate adoration we’ve seen from the likes of Greg Rucka, George Perez, or even Gail Simone.


Here is a preview so you can decide for yourself.




Obviously art is subjective and many people are going to say they love it, but these pages of art really hurt my eyeballs. Your mileage may vary.

Chris Braly

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