DC Scales Back Titles & Employees, But Why?

No one will be surprised that I blame Dan Didio for the recent news regarding the scale-backs at DC Comics, but I’m not nursing some personal vendetta. I’m identifying the pattern we’ve seen since Dan Didio and co first replaced Paul Levitz as co-publishers. The pattern is clear: Didio exerts creative control, sales fall, the higher-ups enforce a return to the core, the heart of DC that makes the Universe so fun, inspiring for comic readers.

One has to ask the question then, why must those higher ups repeatedly enforce a return to basics? Who keeps steering the universe away from where it works best? Could it be the man who takes center stage to excitedly promote each of these dark turns away from hope (Identity Crisis, New 52, “Bendis is Coming!” Heroes in Crisis, etc.)? Below are my back-to-back reaction videos to the successive stories of DC’s scaled back titles and their layoffs.

Dan Didio's Methodical Murder of the DCU

The Legacy of Dan Didio

Michael Critzer

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