DC Comics Doubling Down on ‘Woke’ Superhero Comics

The New York Post reveals DC, under current editor Marie Javins, is continuing to shove the woke ideology of transsexuality on the audience, with a character whose name was previously applied to a woman appearing in Marvel’s Transformers comics of the mid-80s:


DC Comics recently revealed a new transgender superhero, whose own comic book series will debut this Valentine’s Day.

DC Comic editor Andrea Shea seemed confident that the new hero would be a new “favorite” among DC comic book fans.

Queer sci-fi writer and artist A.J. Kaplan teased the new hero in a tweet in January, ahead of the February publish date for volume one of “Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate.”

Named “Circuit Breaker,” the new superhero can channel the “Still Force,” which is best described as an opposite power to the “Speed Force” that legacy DC superhero “The Flash” channels for his heroics.

Notably, Circuit Breaker’s secret identity is Jules Jourdain, who is described in Bounding Into Comics as trans-non-binary and goes by “he/they” pronouns.



I think “still” better describes the pace at which this’ll sell in the long run, which means it’ll come to a standstill. With an author like that, it’s clear this was another identity politics hire and project, which makes it all the more ghettoized. Of course the editor’s going to put on quite a show of “confidence”, even though fans of mainstream have long dwindled after they began much of this garbage in the past 2 decades. This is just another disgraceful example of leftist virtue-signaling, at a company that should’ve closed long ago. And eventually, this new “product” will shut down DC altogether, a fate which Marvel will meet too.


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