DC Comics Allows Tom King to Ghoulishly Destroy Another Classic Hero

I found two panels from Tom King’s Strange Adventures miniseries, revealing a most repellent approach he takes towards the 2nd Mr. Terrific, Michael Holt, who’d lost his pregnant wife in the late 1990s, prior to the JSA title he was part of in the early 2000s:




As seen in the above pictures, Adam Strange clearly isn’t the only one being subject to offensive pseudo-traumas and pseudo-drama here. Even Michael Holt gets terrible dialogue forced into his mouth, telling Alanna he didn’t want to be a father, and probably not a husband either. This is as sick as they come, and compounds the negative image King’s achieved ever since he made defamatory statements against artist Jae Lee. King’s story is also an insult to John Ostrander, who created Holt nearly a quarter century ago in the Spectre series he was writing at the time.

How much longer is DC going to keep King employed? Tragically, he’s bound to remain there till the publisher’s bitter end, all the while continuing to deconstruct every good character they allow him access to.
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Avi Green

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