David Blaine: The Magic Man Is Back!



David Blaine, street magician and endurance artist, shows us in his 2010 special Discover Magic how entertainment can cross the socioeconomic, gender, religious, and ethnicity lines. From the young to the young at heart, Blaine’s brand of magic brings out a sense of innocence and joy from everyone that witness his incredible acts of magic. From celebrities to hardened criminals, Blaine’s illusions bring out shocked expressions that are immediately followed by heart-warming smiles from everyone.


It’s during these interactions that Blaine brings people together, in otherwise odd interactions with a stranger that can bring back the joy of innocence with a simple deck of cards. In those interactions, he develops the ability to get incredibly close to the people that become participants in his show, often using those vulnerable moments to bring them comfort. Relief. But perhaps what he is more widely known for is for his incredible feats of superhuman endurance. 


David Blaine catches a bullet in his mouth | David Blaine


As a lifelong fan of the great Houdini, Blaine shaped his career into achieving the same level of myth and influence as his childhood hero. Some of his antics include being buried alive for seven days, frozen inside a giant block of ice for over 63 continuous hours, and his successful attempt at the infamous “Bullet Catch” trick that has cost the lives of many magicians throughout history. These performances have granted him a high level of fame recognition that has allowed him to give back to the world in extraordinary ways. 



In 2006, Blaine performed a stunt in support of the Salvation Army in New York City where he escaped from shackles that held him as he spun on a gyroscope that was suspended above ground. Blaine was happy to perform this stunt as the Salvation Army had provided him clothes while growing up. He has hosted other specials in support of relief efforts for Katrina, Haiti, and numerous charities. But this brand of performance comes with a heavy toll to his body, despite criticism from people that do not believe his level of endurance.


Following an endurance stunt in 2003 where he was sealed inside a transparent Plexiglas case for 44 days without food, Blaine was hospitalized due to starvation. A New England Journal of Medicine paper documented his 44-day fast and recorded that the most dangerous aspect of this stunt was his re-feeding. The study reported that Blaine had lost 54 pounds, approximately 25% of his initial body weight, while his body mass index dropped from 29.0 to 21.6. in 2006, Yale University entered into agreement with Blaine to study the human physiological reaction to prolong submersion following a stunt where he remained underwater for seven days.



Blaine performs on stage at O2 Apollo Manchester on June 11, 2019 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage)



Despite his impressive achievements, David Blaine continues to push the envelope in his performances, revolutionizing television and entertainment with each special. As entertainment becomes infected with political ideologies, Blaine continues to bring us joy with performance. His daughter Dessa features in his 2020 Special “The Magic Waywhere she continues her father’s showmanship with flawless execution. Their interactions are something that needs to be seen, with the love between a father and daughter displayed with the tenderness that seems to have left our airwaves many years ago.


Something magical is coming | David Blaine Ascension



In his next special aptly named “Ascension” airing live on YouTube on August 31, Blaine hopes to recreate that one fantasy that each of us has held at one point or another in our young lives. He will be attempting to fly across the skies while tethered to a group of balloons and disappearing into the clouds. Make sure you catch this special and support wholesome entertainment that continues to exist, despite the current culture shifts into immorality.  

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