CW’s Green Arrow Ending After 8 Seasons

Screen Rant announces the TV show based on Green Arrow is coming to an end after 8 seasons:

Arrow – the series which kick-started The CW’s popular shared superhero universe known as the Arrowverse – is finally coming to an end – with a 10-episode season 8. Nothing has been said yet about how the show will come to a close, but it’s believed that it will tie into this fall’s annual crossover event – Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Oh, just what the world needs. Drawing from crossovers for wellsprings. Never mind that company wide crossovers otherwise ruined superhero comics in the long run, and nobody in charge cared, because they weren’t in the whole gig for the story merit and integrity anyway. These crossovers practically leaked over into the TV shows that came after this one, affecting the Flash and Supergirl series on TV, and taking away all but the politics.

Arrow’s influence upon modern television cannot be understated. Beyond inspiring a flood of comic-book inspired offerings hoping to ape the show’s critical and commercial success, the show’s stuntwork and special effects set a new standard for what could be done on a television series budget. It seems highly unlikely that series such as Daredevil or Jessica Jones would ever have been produced had Arrow not already proven the market for dark, mature superhero series existed.

From what I recall, there was a lot of pandering to LGBT ideology in Arrow, along with the other CW shows following in its wake, along with all the leftist politics that were particularly blatant in the Supergirl series. Something they don’t mention in this Screenrant article, obviously. That’s the kind of influence it had, unfortunately, and all that aside, I don’t think there had to be Arrow in order to get those Marvel Netflix shows, some of which did include at least a few politically charged themes of their own, and are now being cancelled as well.

On which note, if Arrow is ending, will Supergirl’s TV show be ending soon as well? The politically-infected plots were revolting, and it won’t matter if that show’s cancelled to boot, along with the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow series. They did an especially terrible disfavor to the Maid of Might, and it won’t matter if that show’s put out of its misery.

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