Culture Subversion: Discredited Anecdote Now Considered Star Wars Canon

One of the reasons that SJWs like to get rid of “old white men” is because it helps to stop the cultural transmission from one generation to the next. In this way, the SJW can fabricate narratives to please their own ideological world view without regard to what actually happened historically. It’s one of the techniques used in cultural subversion.

An incredible feat for a film with a very mixed audience.


The notion that The Empire Strikes Back was not well received until years after its release is a hogwash narrative concocted by Rian Johnson and his sycophants, as a way to cope with the reality that The Last Jedi was poorly received. The broken logic goes, that one day The Last Jedi will be redeemed too. It won’t.


After all, how does The Empire Strikes Back win The People’s Choice Award in 1981 if it was so divisive with a very mixed audience? When the people claiming that the film was divisive are lying through their teeth.


But the recent Star Wars anthology book From A Certain Point Of View Strikes Back helps to perpetuate this incorrect myth according to Chris Agar from ScreenRant:


Star Wars Mocks The Empire Strikes Back Being Everyone’s Favorite Movie

A new Star Wars canon novel finds a way to mock The Empire Strikes Back’s standing of being arguably the best installment in the Skywalker saga.

Star Wars mocks The Empire Strikes Back’s standing as arguably the best installment in the franchise. When it premiered in 1980, critics and audiences were very mixed on The Empire Strikes Back, feeling the sequel didn’t live up to the promise established by the groundbreaking original. Over the years, opinions have changed, and now The Empire Strikes Back is widely considered to be the best movie in the Skywalker saga and one of the greatest Hollywood sequels ever made. For many viewers, it’s the gold standard for Star Wars.

To celebrate The Empire Strikes Back’s 40th anniversary, From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back was published. Similar to the From a Certain Point of View for A New Hope, it retells the movie’s events from the perspective of various characters. The final chapter sees the famous Whills writing the Empire Strikes Back opening crawl, where the story’s contents are a point of debate. One of the Whills argues The Empire Strikes Back is destined to be disappointing:


“Go ahead. Write a story that starts with probe dispatching and only one wampa, and then nothing really happens except for Yoda’s lunch and Vader’s breakfast and the good guys lose. Whee! That’ll be everybody’s favorite! Maybe you could end it by having Luke and Leia looking out a window feeling sorry for themselves. What a thrill ride!”


This passage is clearly written in jest with an over-the-top sarcastic tone, providing a very generalized take on The Empire Strikes Back’s main narrative. 


The short story The Whills Strike Back was written by Tom Angleberger. Chris Agar appears to be too young to remember what actually happened in 1980. But Tom was apparently born in 1971, so he doesn’t really have any excuse for pushing this propaganda.


Fortunately for both, I have produced a documentary that discredits this narrative completely.




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