Creepy Lucasfilm Staffers Label Ahsoka Actress Rosario Dawson “Problematic”



Rae Carson before and after Lucasfilm.


First it was Star Wars author of The Rise of Skywalker novelization Rae Carson has a tear in her beer over Ahsoka’s appearance on The Mandalorian.




Why you ask?


Readers may recall back in March that Rae wasn’t too happy with Rosario Dawson.



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Official Star Wars Artist for TOPPS and contributor to, Jordan Maison, wrote a review of the latest episode of The Mandalorian at Here’s what he had to say about Rosario Dawson:


Rosario Dawson’s casting as the character is somewhat problematic, however, and has been causing some fans issues since she was first rumored to take on the role. Last year, Dawson and her family became embroiled in a lawsuit in which it was alleged they harassed a trans-man, lobbying transphobic remarks, and even participated in an outright assault.

Dawson has gone on to say the claims were baseless and since then much of the person’s claims have been withdrawn. The problem, however, is that for a big portion of a community that are already made to feel on the outskirts, their concerns aren’t being heard. Hell, in a civil case where you’re up against a famous family’s money and attorneys, it’s not entirely crazy to feel the pressure to drop things (especially in a system that generally doesn’t work for minorities).

Here’s the thing, I don’t know what to tell you about it all. I DO know, however, there are a number of trans fans who are upset and wishing to be heard on the matter, rather than shouted down simply because a fan-favorite character is in play. So even if you already have an idea in your head about these allegations, perhaps take a moment to listen to others in the community, others who normally get shit on by others in fandom.



One of Jordan’s followers on Twitter called him out, and this was his response:



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Rosario Dawson Gives E. K. Johnston An Ulcer


Ms. Johnston asks Ahsoka for a Pepsid AC.


Readers of this blog may recall Star Wars author E.K. Johnston who was harassed by Reylos for daring to reject the Kylo Ren character.  She once lost her marbles over the thought of a Star Wars filled with dudes, and she helped create Wookieepedia’s menstruation page.



Back in March, she was already sounding the alarm on Rosario Dawson’s alleged transphobia. And leading up to the inevitable premiere of Ahsoka on The Mandalorian, she was beside herself.



And she’s been counseling those most affected.



But now that the time has come, she’s got the sads.



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The Force ISN'T Female - SJW Outrage Over Rosario Dawson As Ahsoka Tano | The MANdalorian


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Rosario Dawson Displeases “Looking For Leia” Assistant Producer


What happens when feminists collide with Lucasfilm? Hilarity!


Diversity may not be enough to satisfy militant feminists.


Readers of this blog may recall the Looking For Leia documentary, which declared The Last Jedi to be the first “properly feminist” Star Wars film, which the documentary claimed had the “first truly Bechdel Test passing scene” in the franchise.”



For those who don’t know, the official website of the Looking For Leia documentary describes it as:


LOOKING FOR LEIA is a seven part docu-series about women as well as non-binary fans who found identity, connection, and purpose in their love of the galaxy far, far away. 


One of the writers of the documentary once defended Andi Gutierrez’s infamous “Fanboy Tears” mug:

“The image they chose to get angry over is two years old, so this was definitely coordinated against her,” said Catrina Dennis, a writer and one of the associate producers of Looking for Leia, during an interview with The Mary Sue. “She’s one of the most visible women in our fandom.”


But now in the wake of Rosario Dawson starring as Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian, and Rosario’s two pending charges of alleged transphobic attacks, the SJW mob is gnashing their unbrushed teeth.


Among them is assistant producer of Looking For Leia, Catrina.


Exit question: Would a “Tranboy Tears” mug be appropriate here?

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These Star Wars fans UPSET at Rosario Dawson As Ahsoka Tano In The Mandalorian



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