Creators’ Lawsuit Against Marvel Comics Now Moving Forward


CTV News says a lawsuit filed by some Montreal artists against Disney/Marvel for infringing on their ideas will be going ahead:


The Montreal-based comic book company taking superhero giant Marvel Entertainment and its parent company Disney to court for allegedly borrowing design ideas in its Iron Man and Ant-Man costumes hurdled a key legal obstacle this week.

Horizon Comics and its founders Ben and Raymond Lai are alleging that Marvel used designs from their Radix series without consent in Iron Man and Ant-Man’s suits.

[…] Marvel, Disney and the other defendants sought to dismiss this claim saying Quebec Superior Court “does not have jurisdiction over the defendants,” “Horizon’s application is an abuse of process,” and the prior ruling bars the more recent suit.

Justice Jerome Frappier dismissed Marvel’s motion and the case will go forward.

“The judge dismissed all of these arguments,” said the Lai brothers’ lawyer Julie Desrosiers. “He said that it was not the case that this proceeding was abusive, and that that the Lai brothers had serious arguments to bring before the court with respect to the alleged infringement of their work.”


I wish them good luck in their litigation. With the way Marvel’s going these days, it’s hard to sympathize with their side after all the harm done to the characters in their stables, including Iron Man, for whom the retcon to his parents may not have been undone yet. And then, if the allegations are true, Marvel has the gall to exploit other artists’ designs without thanking them? Very poor conduct. So best wishes to Horizon in their legal quest.


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