Could America’s Tanking Economy Save Hollywood from Itself?

Man, I take a sabbatical to finish a book and the wokeness goes into overdrive!  I had to chuckle when I saw that The Rings of Power is nothing more than a parade of politically correct tropes.  Hmmm, did I call that or what?



Then comes the news that the showrunners now trying to claim this fiasco is “deeply connected” to Tolkien.  Connected in what way?  Wrist restraints?  Leg irons?  Let’s face it: a screen adaptation of Bored of the Rings would be more connected to Tolkien than this crap.


Checking the Scoreboard

Wow, I took a bunch of flak over my hatred of The Last Samurai.  You guys haven’t sent me that much hate since I condemned Wanted for being the hot mess that it is.  (I got extra hate for noting Angelina Jolie looked unwell.)  Fair enough.  I know my tastes can be a bit esoteric at times.


I also got Top Gun: Maverick completely and badly wrong, but this is a rare case where I was happy to admit my error.


Other than that big miss, I’ve been doing pretty well.  Live-action Cowboy Bebop crashed and burned for the same reasons the new live-action Avatar will crater.


Oh, and did I say Disney would back off the gayness for the overseas markets? Yep, nailed it.


Going back further, I was also correct that Game of Thrones would botch the ending.  (For the record, I saw this coming in 2016.)



Reason for Hope?

All of my righteous (and prescient) pessimism aside, the ongoing economic downturn may have a profound influence on the viability of “wokeness.”  Hollywood is running out of cheap money to burn and as a result, the SJWs are being thrown overboard in an effort to keep the ship afloat.


The success of Maverick and The Terminal List demonstrates that there is a reliable, bankable way to make huge amounts of cash.


This is great news for people who like good storytelling.  Woke gatekeepers produce nothing and in fact ruin everything they touch.  Maybe, once upon a time having a “strong woman” was edgy or something, but by 1940 it was old news.


Similarly, this “color by number” approach to casting is insulting and dull.  We need to get back to the idea of actors actually acting.  If you have a gay person of color play a gay person of color, that isn’t acting, it’s autobiography.  No, real acting is a white woman playing a Chinese man and doing it so well, you may not even know it unless someone tells you.



As the economy continues to circle the drain, these woke parasites will either kill their hosts or be purged.  Either way, their days are numbered.  With them gone, there is finally room for quality entertainment to return.


Seriously, with good writing, even the Amish can be sexy


As the saying goes “hard times make strong men,” but they also make strong storytelling.  Here’s hoping that we get a little of both.

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