Confirmed: Star Wars Is for Males Ages 26-43


SJWs get all ornery when someone suggests that Star Wars is for boys. But a series of inconvenient statements have been made that SJWs like to avoid and ignore.


When promoting his Strange Magic film, George Lucas told WIRED:


“Just like Star Wars was designed for 12-year-old boys,” says Lucas, “Strange Magic was designed for 12-year-old girls.”


And back in 1988 in Starlog issue 127, George Lucas said:



James Russel from The Guardian wrote in 2012:


“Disney’s acquisition of Marvel Productions seems to have been driven by a desire to expand its reach to older boys.”


And now another published statement that SJWs will need to avoid addressing, which comes to us courtesy of Price of Reason via the Observer.



Huh. No wonder Reylos are mad at Boba Fett.


Maybe this is why Leslye Headland recently spent time trying to convince people that her “female centric” Star Wars show is for men too, according to Bounding Into Comics.


Headland stated, “Just because my show is technically yes, ‘female centric,’ meaning it centers around a female protagonist. I don’t think that necessarily excludes men from that space.”

“All joking aside, I think that truly, I think that an inclusive space means an inclusive space. But at the same time I think that just because something has a female protagonist doesn’t mean it’s only meant for women,” Headland added.


Imagine what the reaction would be if someone dared to suggest creating a “male centric” Star Wars series that was for women too. But not to worry. I’m sure that Lucasfilm’s “female centric” show will appeal to males ages 26-43 as much as the Disney Trilogy did, if not more so.




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