Coming 2 America, Beverly Hills Cop 4; could there be any more Eddie Murphy sequels in the works?

Eddie Murphy -who’s coming off the back of critical praise in Netflix’s My Name is Dolemite will star for the second time as Prince Akeem in Coming 2 America, the imaginatively titled sequel to Coming To America.
Beverly Hills 4 is also coming down the pike for Netflix, so maybe some of Eddie’s classic and not-so-classic movies are also ripe for another chapter?
How about these ideas for his next sequel(s)?
Trading Places II
The Duke Brothers (Don Ameche & Ralph Bellamy) are long deceased – but, in keeping with their nuture vs nature ‘experiments’  they have frozen their ‘essence’ (similar to Ozymandias in Watchmen).
And now their offspring are out for payback – especially since Billy Ray and Winthrope have become almost as corrupt as the Dukes ever were (which is why Jamie Curtis’ Ophelia eventually walked out on Louis). 
Will Ray and Winthrope’s own daughters (Ego Nwodim & Kate McKinnon) play any role in their parents redemption?
Set at Christmas again – can Murphy and Ackroyd see the light  a la Scrooge? and can Randolph II (Bill Hader) and Mortimer II (Will Forte) break from their parents conditioning?
Incidentally the Duke Brothers senior cameoed in Coming to America, where Akeem gives the down-and-out siblings a wedge of cash to help them out.
Golden Child II
Charles Dance’s demonic Sardo Numpsa is back – and in full Tywin Lannister mode.
Murphy‘s ‘Chosen One’, Chandler Jarrell swings back into action – but why has The Golden Child morphed into a burger-scarfing slacker? 
So its Rocky-style montage time to get The Golden Child into shape, dancing Pepsi can and all – then the face off with an increasingly pissed off Numpsa, not least because Jarrell still insists on calling him ‘Numsie’.
A worthy follow-up to the film Murphy himself summed up in Rolling Stone (1989) as:
 “No matter how I feel, for instance, about The Golden Child – which was a piece of shit – the movie made more than $100 million. So who am I to say it sucks?”
Yet Another 48 Hours
Still in prison and still screeching ‘Roxanne’, Murphy’s Reggie Hammond is sprung from the pen yet again to carry out the last wishes of frenemy Jack Cates (Nick Nolte voice-over only).
Reggie teams up with Cates son Jack Cates Jnr (Jason Segal) for another bar confrontation – with Trump supporters at an event where Reggie is searching for the missing loot from the original 1982 movie.
Which is probably worth $200 (and change) in today’s money.
Sting cameos. 
With Shaggy.
Norbit II, Meet Dave II, Imagine That II, A Thousand Words II, Pluto Nash IIHaunted Mansion II, Harlem Nights II etc
Forget it…
Any better ideas?

Stephen Arnell

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