#ComicsGate: Diversity is Conformity

by Brian Niemeier

If anyone still wonders why comic book fans are up in arms over the desecration of their hobby by malicious SJW writers, artists, and editors, this Twitter exchange perfectly sums up the controversy:

Starving Author

Got that? comics industry SJWs (“social justice warriors”) push for more “diversity”, by which they mean ideological conformity. Fans note that Marvel’s sales collapsed after making Thor a woman, Iron Man a teenage girl of color, Captain America a Nazi, and Ice Man suddenly becomes gay; and they question the wisdom of imposing such diversity. SJW writers simultaneously argue that diversity:

  1. Has inherent value
  2. Is a creative decision; therefore subjective; therefore of no inherent value.
Both of which non-arguments glibly ignore the fact that Marvel is in a death spiral because they keep intentionally pissing off their readers. Note to Nick and Marvel: if your sales are tanking and your readers tell you “This fake diversity crap is why we dropped you like assault charges against a rich girl in a British court,” you can lecture them on intersectionality all you want. You’ll still be struggling to keep the lights on.
Then again, I can see how basic economics might escape a guy who calls himself @StarvingAuthor.
This type of tone deaf finger-wagging in response to audience demand is how you get #ComicsGate. For those who are new to the party, it’s like a negative image of #GamerGate. Instead of corrupt journalists colluding against creators and consumers, you now have corrupt creators colluding against critics and fans.
For the full rundown on #ComicsGate, check out this episode of the JimFear138 podcast [NSFW language alert].

As Jim and others have pointed out, foreign comics like My Hero Academia are now roundly beating American comic book studios at the game they invented: telling fun stories about heroic heroes fighting villainous villains in a universe that takes objective morality for granted.

My Hero Academia
It’s telling that guys like Nick deny objective artistic standards, aka objective beauty. It goes hand-in-hand with their denial of objective right and wrong.

Writing epic tales of flawed but good good guys squaring off against bad bad guys is an endeavor I have some experience with. If you’re looking for novels with a real diversity and depth of character and zero political posturing, give my award-winning Soul Cycle a shot.

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Brian Niemeier

Brian Niemeier

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