Comics Writer Kurt Busiek Still Ridiculously Attacking Conservatives


In this tweet written by ultra-leftist Busiek, he says:



I get this strange feeling he’s doing this deliberately for the sake of anti-conservative incitement, presumably because he sees alleged Republicans subscribing to his feed. Which would suggest, alas, that he simply doesn’t want them for an audience, making clear he stands with a bunch of writers who don’t want anybody who disagrees with how they write a mainstream book to buy what they have in store.



I wonder why the person he’s responding to here – along with Busiek himself – seems to think conservatives wouldn’t believe a banker or a landlord is capable of ghastly evil? And again, too bad he’s decided to remain divisive and alienating. Even though his assignments for the Big 2 this past decade have been few.



Well at least he admits there’s Comicsgaters out there who are into the indie scene, making various sorts of books as part of what’s bound to be the way comicdom will have to go from this point forth. But that’s still no excuse for his drama-queening.




I’m wondering why somebody may have a problem with busty ladies here? On which note, much as I dissent with Gal Gadot’s politics, does this mean the aforementioned somebody’s got issues with her physique, considering she’s fairly busty herself? Or, do they have a problem with Stan Lee creating busty ladies in his time? If so, why don’t they just admit it and distance themselves from his creations?



The reason he’d end up being more mythical than legendary is because he’s so divisive when he could’ve avoided it, and left politics at the door. Instead, he chooses division and alienation, not to mention sticking solidly to far-left politics that only ensure failure.



Wait a minute. Is he claiming media commentators like Joel Pollak, Star Parker, Caroline Glick and Andrew Klavan are following him now?!? Gee, I’d think that would be flattering if I had a career like his, but he apparently doesn’t. No surprise, of course. He’s long become one of many leftists who’re doing little more on social media than rant against right-wingers when they could be spending far more time writing and illustrating. Something most publishers would do well to urge their employees to resume doing on a serious basis and stop using social media so often.




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