Comics Legend Predicting Changes That Indie Publisher Demonstrates


A few days ago, Alterna publisher Peter Simeti announced that they’re switching from reliance on Diamond and sell direct to customers and stores:




I think this is a great idea, since they can take the challenge of making this the path to setting up alternative mail delivery and distribution services. Which would be quite welcome, after all the harm done to the industry through poor business moves. A better path is needed, and this could be one example of the sort.



It comes at almost the same time when veteran Jim Steranko of Nick Fury fame had the following predictions to make, where comicdom is going:




Depending on circumstances involved, I don’t think independent publishers should be forced to crowdfund in all instances, but I recognize there can be advantages. All the indie creators have to do is make sure that money goes to developing an actual product, and it’s all set. And as for specialty stores, they could remain and see new life breathed in, but, it would have to all be redone mainly as stores selling almost entirely in paperback/hardcover/GN format. Which would guarantee better chances of returning what hasn’t sold instead of being forced to keep it around gathering dust in back issue boxes.

And most importantly from an artistic merit perspective, Marvel/DC alike will have to abandon the company wide crossovers…or close their doors, because few are going to care about a soulless crossover, which makes a poor substitute for stand-alone storytelling.

Will the future see significant differences? Perhaps. Differences that were long called for, yet only now did anybody begin to consider them.


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Avi Green

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