Comics Beat Twists Shazam Box Office to Shill for Captain Marvel

Unlike the Bleeding Fool website, most comic and movie news websites seem to have a very heavy agenda and hard left political leaning. It can be nearly impossible to find any mainstream website to get accurate comic and movie information. Take for example The Beat, at

The Beat describes itself as:
a website that delivers comics and entertainment news for fans, creators, and pros in comics, graphic novels, books, movies, television, games, and more!


But they don’t mention that they have a certain point of view. Having a point of view is natural, but it isn’t unbiased. At least Bleeding Fool is very clear about where we’re coming from, but these websites that pretend that they aren’t delivering the news from their own political perspective, as The Beat so often does, is what I have a problem with. Because if you look hard enough, you can clearly see that Heidi MacDonald, the founder and editor in chief of Comics Beat, has shown her liberal bias many times.


In my video below, you’ll see how The Beat once again is showing their bias in order to twist reality to support an agenda.

The Beat Twists Shazam Box Office Drop To Shill For Captain Marvel

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