Comic Fans Should Chill Out: Dan DiDio’s Firing Isn’t The End of DC


Want my opinion on the firing of Dan DiDio and the fallout and/or potential demise of DC Comics as we know it?  Honestly, I think everyone needs to chill the fuck out. Over the past few years, I’ve seen everyone become so cynical when it comes to comics. Have there been rough spots? Hell yeah – no argument from me! And Heroes in Crisis is still one of my least favorite comics of the decade! But I don’t for a single second believe the latest rumors that if 5G fails it’s all over! Or that DC is going to be closed and licensed out to Marvel or something. Guys, c’mon, in all honesty, what sense does that make? Why would AT&T feel that was the better option? It’s okay to license certain books, like Marvel does with their Marvel Adventures lines, but not the entire brand!


You’d want to keep that in-house!



I think a lot of this boils down to something people have incorrectly presumed. They think the sales are the results of some recent firings. The biggest one people conflate with a sales trend was the firing of Axel Alonso. But it had NOTHING to do with the sales! Everything there had to do with internal politics! Alonso was a key figure of the Marvel group that gave Kevin Feige hell and he was already making enemies at Disney. Axel, love him or hate him, was an idiot who brought it upon himself.



From what I understand, the same thing is happening with Didio. It’s more an internal politics reason more so than it is a sales reason! This could be the beginning of improvements for the DC Comics brand. How could the sales of 5G be the final straw for AT&T to give up on DC? Also more importantly, how much would AT&T really gain back from shutting down DC? Peanuts that’s what! There’s no real gain in shutting them down. And BoP failed? Big whoop, Joker did amazing AND we’ve got Wonder Woman coming up! I think AT&T is gonna want to keep the IP factory around!



For last point, let me just remind you all this. Who exactly has anything to gain by promoting the idea that DC Comics is shutting down? Outrage click farmers. That’s it. Now I will admit, if I’m wrong and everything being said turns out to be true. I’ll eat crow and admit it, but until that day actually happens, this DC fan refuses to assume the worst!


UPDATE: It appears, if this insider is to be believed, that a lot of this may have even less to do with DC Comics itself and more to do with owner AT&T’s debts. The writer of this article at ICV2  says a lot is riding on HBO MAX+ and, if the new streaming platform turns out to be a hit, then it should be smooth sailing going forward. But if not, then who knows what could happen. What he does make very clear is that any one who claims to have information on what really just went down doesn’t know anything. There’s still a whole lot of unknowns. One thing that IS known is that DC’s 5G won’t help or hurt DC’s chances. I guess in a worst case scenario, the odds of them selling off their IPs is slim, as that would be a point of desperation. Licensing them on the other hand? It depends. Do they go all in and close the company? Or do what Disney did and license some books? Again all unknown.


Let’s talk about it.

Comic Rants: Guys Chill Out! It's NOT The End!

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