Why Jerry Siegel Insisted on Using Superman’s “American Way” Slogan


In this old interview from the BBC from over 4 decades ago, via the Comic Book Historians Facebook page and Bounding Into Comics, the Man of Steel’s co-creator Jerry Siegel made clear he was fully supportive of the “American Way” slogan coined as early as the 40s & 50s radio and TV broadcasts:


Superman ➟ The Comic Strip Hero (4 of 5)



Asked then if he could say what Superman stood for, Siegel replied “exactly the motto” used on the TV show starring George Reeves – that’s to say “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.”


This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Siegel and Shuster were absolutely fine with the idea, and now, the modern ideologues are desecrating their memory by throwing it out with bath water under the shield of being supposedly dated. One more reason why Tom Taylor and Marie Javins, among others, must be looked upon in disgrace and shame, for all the harm they’re causing Superman’s legacy.

And then, as if the abuse of Superman couldn’t get any worse, it’s been discovered that screenwriter John Ridley, in a story penned for Superman: Red & Blue that’s supposed to be based on an old World’s Finest tale from the early 1970s, implied Superman was sexually tortured:


According to 12-Years a Slave-screenplay-writer-turned-comics-author John Ridley, his decision to pen a story for DC Comics in which Superman is implied to have been sexually tortured during one of his previous Silver Age adventures was made in order to provide commentary on his personal perception that “the prevailing culture in this country” is “when bad things happen to people who are traditionally marginalized, there’s this feeling of okay, we get it, it was wrong, let’s just move on.”

Recently making the rounds on social media, Ridley’s untitled tale features in the first issue of the recent Superman: Red and Blue anthology series and serves as a continuation to a two-part story originally published in 1970s World’s Finest Vol. 1 #192-193 wherein the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight were held prisoner in a death camp run by the state’s Soviet dictator, Colonel Koslov.



Ironically, leftist ideologues like Ridley would never consider communism a valid concern by today’s PC standards, the citation of soviets in his story notwithstanding, and it won’t be the least bit shocking if this new tale makes no effort to criticize modern leftism for its own communist acceptance. Lest we forget, Ridley gave an interview to the MSM earlier where he made clear he supports ultra-leftist causes, one more reason to avoid whatever fishy stuff he’s got in store now.



After this embarrassment, which sounds more like cheap sensationalism, I cannot and will not be watching any of Ridley’s movies any more than read his comics. He’s tragically yet another of the ideologues hired by DC in the past several years by the editors/publishers who’s not hiding his biases. Exactly why he has no business working on anything connected to Siegel/Shuster’s famous creation, or any other creation in the DCU, for that matter.


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