Christian Perspective: Is the MCU the Inversion of Christ?

This video comes to us from a reader who, like many, is coming to realize that Disney and Marvel aren’t making movies. They’re churning out Christianity-subverting propaganda.

Admittedly, the video starts off pretty cringe. But once you get past the “vacation Bible school” delivery and the Virgin-Mary-in-the-toast apophenia, and you’ll see there is indeed fire under the smoke. With more than a whiff of brimstone. There is enlightened wisdom here.


Dark Origins of the Avengers | Secret Things You Missed in MARVEL NOT Satan's Endgame

Comic movies continue to dominate at the box office with Marvel emerging as the leader of the pack. In the Marvel universe, each movie showcased different characters by interweaving their lives with a common thread. It ends with them all battling villains who plan to destroy the whole world. It took ten years to complete the whole saga culminating in the last film of the series called ‘Endgame’.

Each movie has many Biblical themes and uses actual Bible verses in their dialog which reveal there must be a sinister plot behind all the imagery. This video will not only shock you with its parallels to scripture, but it will also open your eyes to the war between Christ and Satan which is raging all around us. The end of the world is just around the corner and many of these deceptive movies may inspire viewers to war against God. If you’re a Christian and have seen any Marvel films, watch this video.



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