Chasing Rian: More Signs of Plagiarism Found in The Last Jedi? (UPDATED)

Once again, the film that professional critics adored for subverting expectations is being accused of plagiarism. Previously, accusations arose that specific elements from The Last Jedi screenplay were plagiarized from fan fiction this video via LiveHyperspace laid it out:

Rian Johnson A Plagiarist? The Last Jedi Copies A Fan Fiction!


Later, new accusations arose that editing techniques in The Last Jedi were plagiarized from Escape In L.A. via this video from John Talks 



Then it was discovered that the crystal foxes may have been lifted from Polish artist, Marta Klonowska. 


So, although I was originally skeptical of many of these claims, #ZerohGate made me reconsider, since Rian Johnson publicly admitted to having a paid staff member of the production scan the internet for fan rumors (though he later deleted the tweet below).  If they were scanning the internet for fan rumors, what else were they scanning the internet for?

Now it seems another editing copy cat has possibly been found, in which the throne room scene in The Last Jedi mimics The Wizard of Oz. 

Robot Head demonstrates: 


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Throne Room Scene Rip-Off

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Over the weekend, SC Reviews post this about similarities, also with the throne room scene, that The Last Jedi has with Ella Enchanted


Rian Johnson admitting he’s a lazy writer and steals from others, courtesy of @dataracer117.

Hopefully Rian Johnson will never be allowed near Star Wars again. Just this week, the news came out that following Episode IX, the saga will be followed by a new trilogy, and any possible Rian Johnson films are on a back burner while Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and DB Weiss begin their own trilogy of films!

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