Chaotic Good or Evil: A Response to the Covid-19 Virus

First of all I wouldn’t wish anyone at DC Comics or Marvel Comics or any publisher to get the COVID-19 (coronavirus) no matter how good or bad their storytelling currently is. All I can say on this is to stay safe no matter if this threat is real or overblown. Both companies have given me plenty of stories I enjoy and many I don’t enjoy.


I write this even as a concerned customer and fan of both comics and manga, since this crisis is not only affecting Comics Conventions but also Anime/Manga Conventions abroad. 


Chaos Points if the Coronavirus threat is real:

  • Wisdom needs to be used in situations like this so that amount of victims to will be minimal.
  • Playing politics, such as blaming this on Climate Change, will only lead to more fear mongering and could potentially increase the outbreak.
  • Our media should do away with childish ‘gotcha’ tactics of attacking those in leadership positions. Instead they should be as upfront and honest in all reports around the virus.
  • Everyone should be reminding others of the importance of good hygiene in high risk situations like this.
  • If you’re sick, seek places of sanctuary to heal, or to remain free of the virus, taking care of the vulnerable.
  • Our leaders should make sure the nation’s borders remain fully closed to prevent any further influx of infected people.


Chaos Points if the Coronavirus threat is imagined:

  • Don’t be childish and attack those who believe in conspiracy theories as they may bring up something that you should pay attention to.
  • If imagined, the source of this threat should be sought out with no holds barred, with solid evidence proving X or Y is responsible.
  • Authorities must show the public the origin of the imagined threat, again with solid evidence that is readily available and made accessible.
  • Be better than our adversary who put this imagined threat out there, using legal means to charge them for their conspiracy against the people.


It can be hard to stay calm in a situation like this, as it can also be hard to believe, what is true and what is false.  I too am personally worried should this be a serious threat, and I don’t want to lose any family members, or extended friends of the family. However these events turn out after the end of all this it is unknown if it will work for Chaotic Good Or Evil. Try not to jump to conclusions without all the information, filter out what isn’t accurate, remember to stay safe whether this threat be real or imagined.


I’m sure even some are wondering if this could be the end of the world, well only time will tell when that Order will happen. Be safe.



Originally published here.