Carrie Fisher Was Bothered by Leia’s Portrayal in Disney Trilogy

Carrie Fisher Was “Uncomfortable” With Depiction Of Leia In Disney Trilogy

That’s according to her own words during a podcast interview in 2015, shortly after her appearance at Celebration Anaheim 2015.  At least that’s what the description under the podcast says:


Although the podcast itself indicates that it’s 3 years old, which would place it around 2018, so who knows when it was recorded and uploaded.  But the article cites April 2015.


But one thing is clear, she is talking about the Disney Trilogy and Leia’s role in it.


You can listen to the podcast here, the relevant bits start at the 1:30 mark.



Here’s what she said:


EW: Before this, is Leia a character that you had kind of resigned to the past? That you were sure you were done with?

Fisher: I can’t. [Laughs.] It’s me. I’m the custodian of Leia. I keep her in my bag!

EW: You’re a novelist, a screenwriter, playwright. Did you ever try to change what she says or how she is portrayed?

Fisher: I do have a reaction to what they write for me, and that has to be a certain way or I’m uncomfortable. In one of the drafts, in one of the sequels, I said, I don’t think I’m right for the part.

EW: For the new movie?

Fisher: It could be anywhere! [She gives a look that suggests she doesn’t want to specify.] It wasn’t what I thought Leia should be. It didn’t feel like her. Like me. But it’s a combination. I’ve become that. She’s become me, and I’ve become her. Because it’s been a while. And people call me that, they go, ‘Leia!’ and I go like this: [sweetly, eyes fluttering] ‘…Yes?’ [Laughs] What do they think I’m going to do?


So in addition to Mark Hamill, there was another actor who was uncomfortable with the portrayal of their legacy character.  This brings to mind the time that Carrie called Rian Johnson an asshole.


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Maybe she wasn’t joking…


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