Captain Marvel Portends More MCU Retcons & Films Set in the Past

An all-new, all-different Marvel Cinematic Universe? 

Both Radio Times and CNBC are reporting more Marvel films will be set in the past including the potential Captain Marvel sequel. Is Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel going to retroactively ruin more of the MCU? Looks that way and she won’t be alone according to ‘Boss Man‘ Kevin Feige. It is my belief that the all new, all different Marvel we all had to suffer through was the proving ground for the MCU and despite this being soundly rejected by the fans this isn’t stopping Disney from going ahead with this.

Additionally it appears even the ‘Access Media’ is setting us up for the natural step back the MCU will take after Avengers: Endgame. Is it too early to retcon the MCU? Not when there is an agenda to push. Let me lay it out to you in the video below:

Captain Marvel Sequel To Ruin More of the MCU? More Marvel Films to Be Set In Past

Gary Buechler

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