Captain Marvel Creator Says Wonder Woman Film Was Better

Captain Marvel is a hit based on everything we have heard from the company and the complacent media. “Critics”, for the most part, are just angry hoards of trolls and angry YouTubers who are not to be listened to or taken seriously despite the record growth of said YouTubers.


What can’t be ignored, for now anyway, is the voice of the legendary old guard at Marvel. Roy Thomas. Who is Roy Thomas? He succeed Stan Lee as Editor-In-Chief at Marvel Comics. co-created 3 of my favorite Marvel characters Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and Adam Warlock. Along with hundreds of other including Carol Danvers who would become Ms. Marvel and ultimately Captain Marvel. He recently gave his thoughts on the film to Bleeding Cool (apologies to my friends here at Bleeding Fool) while liking the film overall, some of his statements align with the vast majority of the films critics. He thought the Skrulls were depicted as ‘mushy’ and ‘family friendly,” robbing the fans of one of Marvel’s best villains. He would know, as Roy is the writer of the classic Kree/Skrull War. He then goes on to say he though Brie Larson was fine, although he felt Black Panther and Wonder Woman were better origin stories.


One can only wonder if Mr. Thomas will suffer any backlash. I almost didn’t want to make this video below in fear of that. In my opinion ,the film is bad on a level beneath the rest of the MCU and could be the franchise’s first real mistake going in the same political direction that is currently tanking properties like Star Trek and Doctor Who. Roy “liked” it and thought it was “good enough,” but not as good as Wonder Woman. Could not agree with you more. Looking forward to seeing the true Captain Marvel this Saturday at an early screening. The MCU is going this direction.


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Captain Marvel Creator Thought Wonder Woman Was Better. Skrulls Were 'Mushy"

Gary Buechler

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