Captain Genitalia? Filipinos Ruthlessly Mock Marvel’s Latest Diversity Hero


The United States of Captain America is the latest inclusion and diversity project from Marvel Comics intended to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Captain America with a brand-new limited series and a handful of forgettable derivatives of the character, some haven’t been too bad, but most have been kind of cringy and meh.  From the homeless gay Captain America to their “FloJo” inspired social justice warrior, the results have been less than stellar. In the series by Christopher Cantwell and Dale Eaglesham, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, and John Walker take part in a cross-country road trip in the pursuit of the stolen Captain America shield. Along the way, the crew of Caps meet a series of Cap knock-offs who are defending their respective communities. Each of these new characters was created by a different creative team.



In The United States of Captain America #4, we’ll meet Arielle “Ari” Agbayani, a new character created by Alyssa Wong and Jodi Nishijima. What makes the latest character noteworthy isn’t that the character is Filipino, which surprisingly wasn’t announced in May which is when Americans celebrated Asian American and Pacific Islander (API) Heritage Month . No, the most memorable part of this Captain America derivative is her potentially offensive, and definitely stereotypical name. 


The response on social media was ruthless:








It didn’t take long for some of my favorite Youtube commentators to weigh-in:


Marvel BLOWS it big time! New diversity Captain America named after a mans junk! For real!


CULTURAL INAPPROPRIATION- SJW Comic Book Pro's Entire Career Is Based On Segregation & Stereotypes



INSTANT REGRET: Marvel Bizarrely Name Hero "Captain See You Next Tuesday"!!



How much more stereotypical pandering are they going to do… poorly? Is this throwaway comic series suddenly becoming something I’m going to look forward to every month? Can Marvel embarrass themselves any more? 


Don’t underestimate them.


This issue hits comic shops in September.


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