Cancelled: Audiences Resisted Disney Star Wars ‘Resistance’ Toon

Cosmic Book News has reported that Star Wars: Resistance is now canceled, after only two seasons.  The second season is still forthcoming, the show having been renewed in January of this year.  But why ‘canceled’ after only two seasons?  No doubt the showrunners will cook up some kind of story about finishing the story that they wanted to tell.  But, we can look at numbers and discredit their narrative before it has a chance to begin.

This information comes to us from  First, a definition is in order.


That’s the column we’ll be focusing on.  The (M) stands for millions of viewers.

For a baseline, let’s look at the closest comparable product to Star Wars: Resistance, which would be Star Wars: Rebels.


So we see the first season of Rebels fluctuating between .5 and .7 Million viewers per episode.

Now, let’s take a look at Star Wars: Resistance.



Readers are encouraged to go to and see the rest of the page for themselves.  But what we see here is Resistance fluctuating between .3 and .5 Million viewers per episode.


So that’s roughly an average of .2 Million Viewers drop per episode from Rebels To Resistance.


Now, review the Live+SD Rtg and the Std Avg columns. Here are the definitions for those:




Whereas Rebels was averaging .1 to .2 for its overnight 18-29 demographic, Resistance was averaging a measly .05 to .10. And it only hit .10 for two airings out of 20.


Resist indeed!  Ha!


But the final insult comes from’s commentary on Star Wars Resistance:



Merchandising? Hilarious!



It will be interesting to watch how Disney’s next animated Star Wars effort tracks.


In the meantime, enjoy this:




If the adventures that are coming up are great, and no one is around to watch them, do they make any fun at all?


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