Cancel Culture Comes for Cebulski: Attention Seeking Writer Threatens to Quit Over C.B.’s Past Sins


Marvel’s EIC just had his past Asian-style pseudonym come back to haunt him, as Steven deKnight, the leftist TV producer who until recently did some scriptwriting for Marvel’s books, quit his position over Cebulski’s approach, as Nextshark reports:


Former “Daredevil” executive producer and Marvel Comics writer Steven S. DeKnight has announced that he will no longer write for Marvel until C.B. Cebulski, the publication’s editor-in-chief, steps down from his position.

What happened: In a series of tweets shared on Sunday, DeKnight admitted he had just recently learned of Cebulski’s controversial past in which he pretended to be an Asian writer to climb up the ranks at Marvel Comics, according to Bleeding Cool.


Cebulski is learning there’s a whole arrogant, unforgiving generation out there, bred by his own leftist establishment, that refuses to forgive for past “mistakes” regardless whether an apology was issued. A generation that’s not acting altruistically either. And his left-wing leanings will not shield him from their retaliations. Equally leftist Gizmodo said:


Given that DeKnight was recently being announced as the writer of a new Wastelanders: Wolverine series alongside artist Ibrahim Moustafa, things between him and Marvel Comics have seemed copacetic. That all changed this past Sunday, however, as DeKnight took to his Twitter account to express dismay after learning how current Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski, who is white, once assumed the identity of “Akira Yoshida”—a fictional Japanese man—in order to pen Marvel comics while also working as an assistant editor at the publisher (a practice that, at least at the time, was prohibited). DeKnight wrote in part, “I had no idea. I love writing for Marvel comics, but this changes the equation. Drastically. There are so many great editors there. To allow a man who climbed to the top through cultural identity theft to remain in that position is unconscionable.”

[…] Between Cebulski’s adoption of a racial identity outside of his own and his subsequent promotion to a prominent spot within Marvel, the entire situation has been an embarrassing stain on the company’s history. And it speaks to the sort of casual racism that major comics publishers like to say they have no space for. While news of Cebulski’s writing as Akira Yoshida first broke back in 2017, the topic often resurfaces on social media. DeKnight claimed to have only heard about it recently and explained that his issue has more to do with what all went into the creation of the persona, which was a lot more than a simple pseudonym.


Once, that “casual racism” the writer speaks of was actually rather accepted by such liberals, and while it may be inappropriate, I don’t think we can take the claim at face value that pen names were actually prohibited at the time. I do wonder though, if deKnight has any similar views on creators and executives who committed sexual abuse, or minimized the issue, whether at work on in stories they published? Let’s not forget the time when Dan DiDio published Identity Crisis in the mid-2000s, and never took any disciplinary action against Eddie Berganza, who only got banished from his job after his record of sexual misconduct became public shortly after the Harvey Weinstein scandal.



Why, we could also ask whether deKnight thinks the premise of Avengers: Disassembled, turning Scarlet Witch into a total madwoman, was appropriate from an artistic perspective? Or the Sins Past storyline in Spider-Man, which resorted to shock value elements with Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn? I know that may not be as severe as real life scandals, but still, it can suggest whoever sees fit to publish that smut has little or no issue with serious topics occurring in real life. There may not have been any sexual misconduct scandals lately, but that doesn’t mean deKnight shouldn’t be concerned. Indeed, he’d do a lot better to worry about cases like misogynists on the upper deck.


Will this boycott by a writer of the EIC on “moral” grounds have an impact on Cebulski’s continued career as Marvel’s editor? If it does, it won’t be entirely sad seeing him have to vacate his seat, seeing he’s proven just as bad as Quesada and Alonso were when they took the role. Sure, some good things have happened since Cebulski became EIC, such as Mary Jane Watson’s return to Spidey’s world after nearly a dozen years of Quesada kicking her to the curb, and they were willing to finally abandon the Sins Past/One More Day atrocity this past summer, even if it’s coming much too late, and while many of the same people who concocted it to start with are still running the store. But if only Spidey sees clear redemption and mending, while other awful mistakes like retconning Iceman to homosexual remain standing, Tony Stark remains retconned away from his biological parents, and Carol Danvers is still stuck in the badly crafted role of Capt. Marvel, that’s not getting anywhere. Oh, and lest we forget, is the Spider-marriage still not restored? Well, I guess you could add that to the list of injustices unrepaired, so even Spidey’s world hasn’t seen full reparations yet.


And whatever projects deKnight was working on, there’s no chance they’re worth buying, one more reason why his misgivings with Cebulski are so pretentious. So far, I haven’t seen any response to this by Cebulski, probably for good reason, as he realizes the MSM would willfully warp his words anyway, and it’s not like he’s given any major press conferences in the past 3 years either. Like various other top executives today, he doesn’t talk much to the press anymore, even to celebrate what they think is worth the bother. And the saddest part is that it only makes it simultaneously easier for them to promote PC agendas in the comics.


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Avi Green

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