Can Jay Nakamura Be Trusted? Comics Writer Tom Taylor’s a One Trick Pony


The Wasteful Deconstruction Narrative

As I personally look to a lot of Tom Taylor’s stories, he feels like a One Trick Pony, though I am sure you are thinking, how is he a One Trick Pony?


Tom’s storytelling, in some instances, can come off interesting and insightful at first glance, but once you return to it again, starting off with Injustice, then his DCeased run, then finally moving to some of his in canon DC Comics stories, you only get the that the small stories are good, even if they are in single issue especially in the DC Comics Canon, not good over multiple issues.



His storytelling is actually very monotone, like it only knows how to play one tune, especially in Injustice and DCeased. Though it was another Elseworld story, DCeased still reflected the same message, just altered a bit differently to make “Superheroes Monsters”, starting off with the destruction of certain characters.


Characters that were destroyed like Cyborg, Superman, and even Batman, including members of some of the families. What was seen in Injustice, was carried over to DCeased, where it was changed to a type of cybervirus that also infected the physical population.




Tom Taylor’s Full On Bigotry

Tom Taylor on Comic Culture


The Repetitive Format – Lets Destroy Superheroes!

One thing you also see with Tom Taylor’s storytelling, including the politics he also puts into all of his storytelling, is that it also finds a way to recycle the same, previous format he has already used.


I brought up his DCeased run, and sure there were some good stories in there, but the destruction of heroes, mantles changed from one hero to another, it still kept the same format as Injustice. I accept that they are Elseworld tales as to what they should remain, I guarantee you, but he is no Alan Moore. And yes, he has worked with Grant Morrison, as he states in the above video with The Authority run, to which it is somewhat a universe where Superheroes are treated both as dictators, as well as gods.


As we know what has happened to Jon Kent in Future State, that he too will become a tyrant, something which Tom Taylor is presently working on in his present run. 


Being honest, so far, I have seen not a single trans character from Tom Taylor yet, which is surprising if he wants to try to appease the LGBTQ community.


Jay Nakamura Will Push Jon Kent Over the Edge

Where Wonder Woman was the one to push Superman over the edge during Tom Taylor’s Injustice run, I believe it will be Jay Nakamura who will push Jon Kent over the edge.  I have had my suspicions of Jay Nakamura when he first came onto the series, as well as the little clues Tom Taylor has been leaving in the Superman: Son Of Kal El series (which should be titled Superboy: Son Of Kal El), that Jay Nakamura isn’t who he says he is.


I have provided two pictures above, one of Jay Nakamura, the other being William Bendix, whose hand gesture looks the same as Jay’s, as well as their eyes, and to add of the upcoming spoilers shared to us already through DC Comics most recent solicitations, we already know Jay is a hacktivist as well as invulnerable to damage. Invulnerability, as astute DC readers may know, is also attributed to Henry Bendix, which mean Jay might be a clone of Henry Bendix. Other things that have also been established in this run so far, is that there are people who have been weaponized and used as tools against the people by Bendix, which would also make Jay Nakamura from Gomorrah, a weapon too. Jay isn’t running away from Bendix, he is working with  him, with Tom Taylor self inserting himself as the school shooter in issue #2.




In the 1st issue, readers saw Jon help someone who was weaponized to start a forest fire. Then Faultline was the latest person weaponized even against Jon Kent. Also, Tom Taylor murdered the grandparents, which further mimics Tom Taylor’s Injustice tale, where Superman was under the influence of a villain, and ended up killing Lois Lane. Finally, Jay is around when the Kent’s house is destroyed. I do not believe this was a coincidence.



So, a warning to those of the LGBTQ community, don’t get too attached to this relationship because I am convinced that Jay isn’t going to be the hero of this story. I think he will be the one who makes the hero of the story a villain, leading to the moment that Superboy becomes a tyrant.


I picked up another clue from one of Ethan Van Sciver’s videos that went up recently, which helped me put some more of the puzzle pieces together. Van Sciver suggested that Jay Nakamura might in fact have “pink Kryptonite hair,” which will turn Jon Samuel Kent gay, which as ludicrous as it sounds, would mean that even Jon becoming gay or bisexual isn’t natural or organic, but forced. This would mirror what’s referred to as “Conversion Therapy” for gay people, which I would argue was done by Brian Michael Bendis who forced converted Iceman.




I believe people would rather read organic storytelling of a person coming out as LGBTQ, than one that is forced. Otherwise, it’s like giving a child a gun when they are too young to understand how to use it. I’ve read many Manga titles that do make an effort to naturally, and organically depict someone of the LGBTQ community, this is why so many people flock to Manga over present day comics.




Originally published here with minor edits.