But Why Tho? ‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’ Comic “Celebrates Diversity”


Several weeks back, I cited a new comic adaptation of the Call of Duty: Vanguard game. Now, here’s some more information on MP1st telling the comic is about the following:


What are these stories ultimately about?

TO: These stories are a fictional take on the formation of the Special Forces during WWII. But beyond that, they’re a celebration of diversity. One of the ideas that we get into with the game, but particularly with the comic, is that difference can be a real strength. Whether those differences be skills or personality or culture, when those differences are put together, people can achieve great things.


I think this is yet another hint at the leftist propaganda of diversity, or identity politics, though they certainly hide it well. But if this adaptation is building on more unnecessary propaganda instead of entertainment merit, that’s bad. Neither comics nor computer games fare well when they’re politicized, and this adaptation’s not bound to impress any more if there’s forced leftism in it.



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Avi Green

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