Brilliant Summer Chuckles: Norm Macdonald’ ‘Dirty Work’ (1998)


Crass, offensive and sophomoric? Check.


But Dirty Work is a hoot, and after being slagged off on its release, has since become a cult classic and a favourite amongst certain critics who appreciated the ‘meta’ aspects of the comedy.


Dirty Work Official Trailer #1 - Christopher McDonald Movie (1998) HD


The plot? deadbeat friends Mitch Weaver (Norm Macdonald) and Sam McKenna (Artie Lange) set up their own ‘Revenge for Hire’ business.


Hilarity ensues (actually it does).


And Chevy Chase reminds us why he was once one of the funniest guys on the planet.


Caddyshack (1980) - Be the Ball Scene (1/9) | Movieclips


Cameo appearances include Don Rickles, Rebecca Romijn, John Goodman, Gary Coleman, Chris Farley (in his final movie appearance), and Adam Sandler as Satan.


The great Jack Warden (The Verdict, Twelve Angry Men) co-stars as ‘Pops’ McKenna, Sam’s hard ass father.



Norm Macdonald recently tweeted that the picture is free to watch on YouTube, but I have yet to find the link…


Dirty Work (8/12) Movie CLIP - Ridiculous! (1998) HD


Steely Dan - Dirty Work

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