Breaking News: A Few Girls Actually Grew Up Liking Star Wars

We Got This Covered is reporting on a tweet from Culture Slate, which touts a female fan dressed up in an X-Wing pilot costume from 1977.




But where did Culture Slate get this from?


Well, it came from a Tumblr post, in response to a tweet from 2018, from some socialist doofus named PentagOnal. Who posted it in response to this twitter post:




What’s amusing about Alex Davison’s quote, is that in the Fortune interview with Kathleen Kennedy which can be seen in my documentary, Kathleen Kennedy’s Bitter Agenda, Kathy says exactly that. That she has women coming to her wanting to do Star Wars, but it’s not in the same way that it is for men. So maybe Alex’s tweet was directed at Kathy? Who knows. But here’s the tumblr post from PentagOnal, which was posted in 2018 in response to that tweet:




Speaking of bullshit, since most of these kinds of claims turn out to be SJW hoaxes designed to craft a narrative, I took the time to search for the image in PentagOnal’s tumblr post. Surprisingly, it appears to be a genuine image, and the story PentagOnal tells seems to be true.


The following was discovered on the Halloween Costume Thread (3rd Edition) at the Star Trek BBS. TJ, posted the following in 2010:




And she has even dressed up as an Andorian from Star Trek.



But the fact that this single image is such an “ah ha!” moment for the Collective, actually demonstrates that the fanbase was and is predominately male. Because when we look for vintage images of children receiving Star Wars toys for Christmas, while we do find the stray girl here and there, we find predominately boys:




This of course is because the franchise was marketed predominately to boys.



Note the girl in the background.


Even when we look at vintage images of lines at the theater, we don’t find too many girls and/or women in line.




So essentially, Culture State found the needle in the haystack.


But no one ever made the argument that women didn’t grow up on Star Wars anyway. That’s a counterpoint that PentagOnal made up in order to compose his virtue signal.


What people have said, is that although there were certainly female fans, that the fanbase has been predominately male, and predominately marketed to males in the past. Even in the current day, statistics demonstrate this as fact:





So SJWs are going to have to make a decision as to how they want their narrative to go moving forward.


Either Star Wars has always had an equal number of male and female fans since its beginning in 1977.


Or, they’re making great civil rights strides now in transforming Star Wars to bring in more female fans in the name of equality.


Because both can’t be true.



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