Bob Iger Acknowledges Disney’s ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ is a Ghost Town

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger spent some time laundry listing multiple excuses for the poor attendance at Disneyland resort’s Star Wars attraction destination Galaxy’s Edge, which SJWs, garbage tier writers, and Disney apologists will be parroting over and over again for the next several months. reports:


In the four years since the project was first announced, Disney clearly found ways to accommodate the expected crowds, with attendance at the now-open Galaxy’s Edge area of Disneyland ultimately being lighter than expected. Disney CEO Bob Iger recently addressed the factors that played into those figures, which are seemingly all part of the process.

“I think a number of things happened,” Iger shared during Disney’s Q3 FY19 Earnings Results Webcast. “First of all, helped in part by some of our efforts, there was tremendous concern in the marketplace that there was going to be huge crowding when we opened Galaxy’s Edge. So some people stayed away, just because they expected that it would not be a great guest experience.”

“At the same time that that was going on, all of the local hotels in the region, expecting a huge influx of visitation, raised their prices,” Iger noted. “So it simply got more expensive to come stay in Anaheim. In addition to that, we raised our prices, we brought our daily price up, so if you think about local visitation, we brought the price of a one-day ticket up substantially from a year ago.”

“And then we opened up Galaxy’s Edge with one attraction instead of two, the second attraction is going to open in January,” Iger explained. “And so all of those factors contributed to attendance that was below what we would have hoped it would be. That said, guest satisfaction, interest in the attraction in the land is extremely high, it’s the most popular thing at the park. And so, long term, we build these things for the long term, we have no concerns whatsoever about them. We’re opening Galaxy’s Edge in August in Orlando, the second attraction there will open in December, and, as I said, the second attraction in Anaheim will open in January, so we feel great about the product we’ve created, it just takes some time to, basically for us, to work themselves out in terms of how the marketplace is reacting.”


Anything except the notion that The Last Jedi stuck a social justice fork into the franchise.



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