Black Lives Matter Notices Star Wars’ Racism Hypocrisy; John Boyega Has No Further Comment

John Boyega recently gave a speech which may or may not end his career when SJWs figure out what he really said.


In response, the Star Wars Twitter account tweeted out support for John’s speech, likely not fully understanding the content of it.




Well, that didn’t sit well with one Black Lives Matters activist.





It would be interesting if a reporter asked John Boyega how he felt being diminished in the Chinese posters in order to placate racist communists. But it’s unlikely anyone will ever be allowed to ask John that question.


But some notables from Lucasfilm came out to voice their support for John’s speech on Twitter.






That’s all fine and dandy. But where were these bleach white notables when John was getting diminished in their Chinese posters? Why was it acceptable to please the racists in the communist Chinese government?


Only one thing is for sure. Lucasfilm needs to hear from Black Lives Matters. All peaceful Black Lives Matters and Antifa activists are encouraged to visit the offices of Lucasfilm in San Francisco, California, and let them know exactly how you feel about their racist Chinese posters that disrespected John Boyega.


Here are some publicly available Google maps for your convenience:





Be sure to pack a lunch.



Meanwhile, I’m genuinely surprised that any legacy media outlets had the courage to address this issue directly with John Boyega, but the BBC did back in 2018.



Click on the image to watch the media on Twitter.


Now we merely have to wait to see if brave and bold activists JJ Abrams, Rian Johnson, Mark Hamill, Dave Filoni, or the official Star Wars Twitter account will stand with Mr. Boyega on this. Of if they’ll be quiet about it, as expected.


It’ll be interesting to see if John ever comments in the future, on his Finn character being diminished to tokenism and a throwback to minstrelsy.



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