Black Comic Creator Wants More Than Just Black Comic Readers

Arizona PBS interviewed Absalon White Jr., a writer originally from Michigan whom I’d spoken about last year, who’s created some comics starring Black heroes whom he hopes all can enjoy:


There are not many superheroes in the comic book world who are Black. Absalon White, Jr. is aiming to change that. He has created comic books that feature Black superheroes. He says by creating these books he hopes that Black children see themselves and feel good. Absalon says his books are not just for the Black community, but rather he wants everyone to enjoy them.

He’s only 22 years old, but this author and artist has already launched his very own comic book universe. It’s called “Verendus Comics.”

[…] “I wanted to create a Black-led comic book universe that other kids and adults that look like me, can have superheroes that look like them, to look up to,” he continued. But he emphasizes that his comic books are not just for the Black community. “My comic books are for the world, and for every ethnicity to enjoy and relate to. Whether you’re Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, etc., my comic books are for all,” he said. “I hope anyone who reads my comic books, no matter their ethnicity, is able to connect and relate to my superheroes on a personal level and see themselves in my superheroes.”


As I may have mentioned before, he’s approaching this all the right way, by marketing his creations based on entertainment value for all interested. And, he’s doing it organically. That’s why independent publishers like him are making a far better impression than the mainstream in these modern times, and for this, he deserves many congratulations.


Check out his comic Instant here.


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