Birds of Prey Undergoing Extensive Reshoots to Remove Ugly Elements


Here’s some good news about what’s going on with the planned film adaptation of the series Chuck Dixon originally developed in 1996, which appears to be jettisoning some of the initially announced plot that’s too gross for an escapist popcorn movie:


The good news is that now it is being said that Birds of Prey is undergoing massive reshoots to remove that weird pedophilia storyline in addition to claims it ripped off Deadpool.

Interestingly enough, it has been reported Chad Stahelski, who did the stunts for Deadpool 2, is overseeing the reshoots, but previously it was just thought for action sequences, as his stunt company has been involved with the movie from the start.

So if this information is legit, it sounds like Stahelski is involved in reshooting and adding more than just action scenes and that WB isn’t happy with director Cathy Yan.

The news of the change to the Birds of Prey storyline also follows billionaire Jeffrey Epstein committing suicide over being charged with pedophilia.


It could be the news about Epstein’s inhumane monstrosities gave the producers cold feet, and they didn’t want to make a movie with a subject so grisly that people would rather it just be told in the newspapers. “Fates worse than death” aren’t plots an escapism-seeking audience usually goes to the movie theater to see.

If the filmmakers really want to impress, they could try to write up a screenplay borrowing elements from Dixon’s run on BoP, like Black Canary battling despots in fictional countries, or organized syndicates. Such elements are still valid today, and could provide more to think about.

Yet something tells me the time for making a Birds of Prey movie is long past, given how it lost significance years ago, no thanks to Dan DiDio ruining DC.


BIRDS OF PREY Trailer Teaser 2 (2020)

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